BCRC Number: 81112
Organism: Rhodobacter capsulatus
Synonym: Rhodopseudomonas capsulata/(Molisch 1907) van Niel 1944
Author: (Molisch 1907) Imhoff et al. 1984
History: << NBRC << IFO 16435 << IAM 14232 << Y. Hoshino << ATCC 11166 << C.B. van Niel, ATH 2.3.1
Other Collection No.: NBRC 16435; ATCC 11166; ATCC 17015; DSM 1710; IAM 14232; NCIB 8254; NCIB 8286; NCIMB 8254
Others: 1.(2018-01-18)好氧及厭氧條件下皆可活化培養。 2.(2018-01-18)好氧條件:好氧-黑暗-28℃-培養基 No. 3或982. 3.(2018-01-18)厭氧條件:厭氧(以厭氧罐培養)-照光(tungsten lamp)-25℃-培養基 No. 903
Category: photosynthetic bacterium
Growth Conditions: 28°C 4 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 1
Oxygen Requirement: Aerobic
Local Strain: NO
Type Strain: YES
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1984. Rearrangement of the species and genera of the phototrophic "purple nonsulfur bacteria". Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 34: 340-343 .


Beef extract3.0 g
Peptone5.0 g
Agar15.0 g
Distilled water1.0 L
Adjust pH to 7.0.
Na2-succinate1.00 g
(NH4)-acetate0.50 g
Fe(III) citrate solution (0.1% in H2O)5.00 mL
KH2PO40.50 g
MgSO4 · 7 H2O0.40 g
NaCl0.40 g
NH4Cl0.40 g
CaCl2 · 2 H2O0.05 g
Vitamin B12 solution (10 mg in 100 mL H2O)0.40 mL
Trace element solution SL-6 (see below)1.00 mL
Resazurin (0.1%)0.50 mL
Distilled water1000 mL
Yeast extract0.30 g
L-Cysteiniumchloride0.30 g
Adjust pH to 6.8. Boil the medium for a few minute. Bubble the medium with nitrogen gas and fill 10 ml in 15 ml tubes with a rubber septum under a stream of nitrogen gas. Autoclave at 121°C for 15 min. Sterile syringes are used to inoculate and remove samples. Incubate in the light using a tungsten lamp.
Trace element solution SL-6
ZnSO4·7 H2O0.10 g
MnCl2·4 H2O0.03 g
H3BO30.30 g
CoCl2· 6 H2O0.20 g
CuCl2 ·2 H2O0.01 g
NiCl2· 6 H2O0.02 g
Na2MoO4·2 H2O0.03 g
Distilled water1000 mL

Hipolypepton medium
MgSO4·7H2O1 g
Distilled Water1 L
Agar (if needed)15 g
Hipolypepton10 g
Yeast extract2 g
Adjust pH to 7.0. Hipolypepton is from Wako Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd., Osaka, Japan.

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