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BCRC Number: 81063
Organism: Desulfosporosinus acidiphilus
Author: Alazard et a/l.
History: << DSMZ << D. Alazard, Lab. Microbiol. de l'IRD, Univ. de Provence et de la Mediterranee, Marseille, France; SJ4
Other Collection No.: DSM 22704; JCM 16185
Source: sediment from an acid mining effluent decantation pond
Category: anaerobe
Growth Conditions: 30°C
Biosafety Level: 1
Oxygen Requirement: Anaerobic
Local Strain: NO
Type Strain: YES
    Reference: B2469
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Alazard, D., M. Joseph, F. Battaglia-Brunet, J. L. Cayol, and B. Ollivier. 2010. Desulfosporosinus acidiphilus sp. nov.: a moderately acidophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from acid mining drainage sediments : New taxa: Firmicutes (Class Clostridia, Order Clostridiales, Family Peptococcaceae). Extremophiles. 14: 305-312.


Desulfosporosinus Acidophilus Medium
Ca(NO3)2 x 5 H2O0.02 g
D-Fructose3.50 g
Distilled water1000.00 mL
KCl0.05 g
KH2PO410.00 g
L-Cysteine-HCl x H2O0.50 g
MgSO4 x 7 H2O0.50 g
(NH4)2SO40.45 g
Na2HPO41.00 g
Selenite-tungstate solution (see below)1.00 mL
Trace element solution SL-10 (see below)1.00 mL
Vitamin solution (see below)10.00 mL
Yeast extract0.50 g
Na-resazurin solution (0.1% w/v)0.50 mL
Dissolve ingredients (except phosphates, vitamins, fructose and cysteine) and sparge medium with 80% N2 and 20% CO2 gas mixture for 30 - 45 min to make it anoxic. Dispense medium under same gas atmosphere into anoxic Hungate-type tubes or serum vials and autoclave. Prepare a phosphate buffer stock solution with KH2PO4 (25% w/v) and Na2HPO4, adjust pH of the buffer to 5.8. Prior to inoculation add phosphate buffer, vitamins, fructose and cysteine from sterile anoxic stock solutions prepared under 100% N2 gas. Vitamins and D-fructose should be sterilized by filtration. The pH of the complete medium should be at 5.8.
Selenite-tungstate solution
Distilled water1000.0 mL
Na2SeO3 x 5 H2O3.0 mg
NaOH0.5 g
Na2WO4 x 2 H2O4.0 mg

Vitamin solution (should be stored at -20°C)
Distilled water1.0 L
p-Aminobenzonic acid5.0 mg
Pyridoxin hydrochloride10.0 mg
Thiamine-HCl x 2 H2O5.0 mg
Vitamin B120.1 mg
Thioctic acid5.0 mg
Riboflavin5.0 mg
Pantothenic acid5.0 mg
Nicotinic acid5.0 mg
Folic acid2.0 mg
Biotin2.0 mg

Trace element solution SL-10
CoCl2·6H2O190.0 mg
NiCl2·6H2O24.0 mg
ZnCl270.0 mg
H3BO36.0 mg
Na2MoO4·2H2O36.0 mg
MnCl2·4H2O100.0 mg
HCl (25%; 7.7M)10.0 mL
FeCl2·4H2O1.5 g
Distilled water990.0 mL
CuCl2·2H2O2.0 mg
Trace element solution SL-10: First dissolve FeCl2 in the HCl, then dilute in water, add and dissolve the other salts. Finally make up to 1000.0 mL (This medium is modified from DSM #120: METHANOSARCINA MEDIUM)

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