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BCRC Number: 80542
Organism: Rhodovulum sp.
Author: Anil Kumal et al.
History: << JCM (Rhodovulum kholense) << Ch. Sasikala JA297
Other Collection No.: JCM 14888; ATCC BAA-1544; CCUG 55397
Source: Mud sample from Bhitarkanika mangrove forest, Khola, Orissa State, India
Others: 16S rDNA sequence similarities were most closely to Rhodovulum visakhapatnamense (99.54%), Rhodovulum sulfidophilum (98.88%) and Rhodovulum kholense (98.21%).
Category: photosynthetic bacterium
Growth Conditions: 30°C 7 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 1
Oxygen Requirement: Anaerobic
Type Strain: YES
    Reference: B4516
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Anil Kumar, P., P. Aparna, T. N. R. Srinivas, C. Sasikala, and C. V. Ramana. 2008. Rhodovulum kholense sp. nov. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 58 : 1723-1726.


CaCl2 · 2 H2O0.12 g
Distilled water1000 mL
KH2PO40.50 g
MgSO4 · 7 H2O2.00 g
NaCl20.0 g
NH4Cl0.64 g
Sodium pyruvate3.00 g
Trace element solution SL-12 (refer to Medium 909, see below) 1.00 mL
Yeast extract0.50 g
Adjust pH to 7.0.
Trace element solution SL-12
CoCl2· 6 H2O190 mg
CuCl2 ·2 H2O2 mg
Distilled water1000 mL
FeSO4 · 7 H2O1.10 g
H3BO3300 mg
MnCl2·2 H2O50 mg
Na2-EDTA 3.00 g
Na2MoO4· 2H2O 18 mg
NiCl2· 6 H2O24 mg
ZnCl242 mg

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