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BCRC Number: 80451
Organism: Rhizobium selenitireducens
Author: Hunter et al.
History: << LMG << 2007, W.Hunter US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service United States (2004)
Other Collection No.: LMG 24075; ATCC BAA-1503; Hunter B1; NRRL B-41997
Source: soil
Growth Conditions: 28°C 2 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 1
Oxygen Requirement: Aerobic
Type Strain: YES
    Reference: B2055,B2056
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Hunter, W. J., L. D. Kuykendall, and D. K. Manter 2007. Rhizobium selenireducens sp. nov.: A Selenite-Reducing alpha-Proteobacteria Isolated From a Bioreactor. Curr Microbiol. 55: 455-460.
Hunter, W. J., L.D.Kuykendall 2007. Reduction of Selenite to Elemental Red Selenium by Rhizobium sp. Strain B1. Curr Microbiol. 55 : 344-349.


LMG 203 medium
K2HPO40.5 g
NaCl50 mg
Yeast extract1 g
Solution A10 ml
Solution C1 ml
Solution B1 ml
Sodium glutamate0.5 g
Mannitol10 g
Agar20 g
Distilled water up to 1L, pH 6.8
Solution A
MgSO4·7H2O1 g
Distilled water100 ml

Solution B
CaCl2·2H2O5.28 g
Distilled water100 ml

Solution C
FeCl3·6H2O666 mg
Distilled water100 ml

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