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BCRC Number: 80250
Organism: Veillonella parvula
Author: (Veillon and Zuber) Prevot
History: << CCUG << ATCC << J. E. Faber << A. Prevot
Other Collection No.: CCUG 5123; DSM 2008; ATCC 10790; JCM 12972; KCTC 5019; Prevot Te3
Source: Intestinal tract
Growth Conditions: 37°C 3 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 2
Oxygen Requirement: Anaerobic
Type Strain: YES
    Reference: B4321
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Mays, T. D., L. V. Holdeman, W. E. C. Moore, M. Rogosa, and J. L. Johnson. 1982. Taxonomy of the genus Veillonella Prevot. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 32 : 28–36.


Chocolate agar
Mix autoclaved GC agar base (Oxoid CM 0367) solution with 1% Isovitalex and 4% sheep blood, keep at 80°C for 10 min. Mix well and pour plates after cooling to 50°C.

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