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BCRC Number: 80184
Organism: Stappia indica
Author: Lai et al.
History: << LMG << Third Institute of Oceanography China, Q. Lai
Other Collection No.: LMG 24625; CCTCC AB 208228; Lai B106; MCCC 1A01226
Source: deep sea water
Isolated Info:
    Isolated location: Indian Ocean China
Growth Conditions: 28°C 2 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 1
Oxygen Requirement: Aerobic
Type Strain: YES
    Reference: B4244
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Lai, Q., N. Qiao, C. Wu, F. Sun, J. Yuan, and Z. Shao. 2009. Stappia indica sp. nov., isolated from deep sea water of Indian Ocean. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. In Press.:


Marine agar with 3% NaCl
Agar15.0 g
CaCl21.8 g
Distilled water1.0 L
Ferric citrate0.1 g
H3BO322.0 mg
KBr80.0 mg
KCl0.55 g
MgCl28.8 g
Na2HPO48.0 mg
Na2SiO34.0 mg
Na2SO43.24 g
NaCl30.0 g
NaF2.4 mg
NaHCO30.16 g
NH4NO31.6 mg
Peptone5.0 g
SrCl234.0 mg
Yeast extract1.0 g
2216 (DIFCO 0979)

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