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Name: 3T3-L1
Type: Mouse embryo
Species: Mus musculus (mouse)
Gender: unknown
Tissue: Embryo; fibroblast

Morphology: Fibroblast
Isoenzyme Analysis: NP; G6PD; MD; LD
Mycoplasma Test: Negative
Cytogenetics: Aneuploid cell line with unstable karyotype
Karyology: Unstable aneupliod
Receptor expressed: insulin

Incubation Temp(°C): 37°C
Incubation Condition: 5% CO2
Culture Medium: Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium with 4 mM L-glutamine adjusted to contain 1.5 g/L sodium bicarbonate and 4.5 g/L glucose,90%;bovine calf serum,10%.
Growth Property: Adherent; NOTE: Cells should be grown in plastic flasks, not growing well on some types of glass surfaces.
SubCulture Procedure: trypsin-EDTA
Freezed Medium: 93% culture medium + 7% DMSO
Seeding Density: For plates (50 mm) use an inoculum of 3 X 105 cells per plate and subculture every 3 days. For 75 sq cm flasks use 4 X 105 cells per flask and subculture every 3 days. A saturation density of approximately 50000 cells per sq cm can be reached.
Medium Renewal: every 2 to 3 days

Description: this is a continuous substrain of 3T3 (Swiss albino) developed through clonal isolation; cells undergo a pre-adipose to adipose like conversion as they progress from a rapidly dividing to a confluent and contact inhibited state; a high serum content in the medium enhances fat accumulation
Product Character: triglycerides

Image / Description:   200倍視野下

Biosafety Level: 1
Patent Statement: U.S. Pat. 4,003,789
Reference: Cell 3: 127-133, 1974; U.S. Pat. 4,003,789 dated Jan. 18, 1977
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