Cell Line

BCRC Number: 60094
Name: COS-7
Type: African green monkey kidney, SV40 transformed
Species: Cercopithecus aethiops (monkey, African green)
Gender: unknown
Tissue: Kidney; SV40 transformed

Morphology: Epithelial
Split Ratio: 1:4 to 1:8
Isoenzyme Analysis: MD; G6PD; NP; LD
Mycoplasma Test: Negative
Virus susceptibility: SV40 (lytic growth); SV40 tsA209 at 40C; SV40 mutants with deletions in the early region

Incubation Temp(°C): 37°C
Incubation Condition: 5% CO2
Culture Medium: 90% Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium with 4 mM L-glutamine adjusted to contain 1.5 g/L sodium bicarbonate and 4.5 g/L glucose + 10% fetal bovine serum
Growth Property: Adherent
SubCulture Procedure: trypsin-EDTA
Freezed Medium: 93% culture medium + 7% DMSO
Medium Renewal: every 2 to 3 days

Description: Derived from the CV-1 cell line (see BCRC 60065) by transformation with an origin defective mutant of SV40 which codes for wild-type T antigen; this line contains T antigen, retains complete permissiveness for lytic growth of SV40, supports the replication of ts A209 virus at 40℃ and supports the replication of pure populations of SV40 mutants with deletions in the early region.
Product Character: T antigen

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Biosafety Level: 1
Reference: Cell 23: 175-182, 1981
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