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BCRC Number: 60088
Name: LNCaP clone FGC (LNCap.FGC)
Type: Human prostate carcinoma
Species: Homo sapiens (human)
Strain Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age Stage: 50 years
Gender: Male
Tissue: Prostate; carcinoma; from metastatic site: left supraclavicular lymph node

Morphology: Epithelial
Split Ratio: 1:3 to 1:6
Isoenzyme Analysis: MD; G6PD; LD; NP
Mycoplasma Test: Negative
Karyology: Hypotetraploid; modal chromosome number = 84
Tumorigenic: yes, the cells are tumorigenic in nude mice and form colonies in soft agar
Receptor expressed: androgen receptor, positive; estrogen receptor, positive

Incubation Temp(°C): 37°C
Incubation Condition: 5% CO2
Culture Medium: 90% RPMI 1640 medium with 2 mM L-glutamine adjusted to contain 1.5 g/L sodium bicarbonate, 4.5 g/L glucose, 10 mM HEPES, and 1.0 mM sodium pyruvate+10% fetal bovine serum
Growth Property: clusters; lightly adherent ; growth is very slow
SubCulture Procedure: trypsin-EDTA; NOTE 1: Allow cultures to incubate undisturbed for the first 48 hours following subculture. The cells only lightly adhere to the substrate and do not become confluent, but grow in clusters which should be broken apart by repeated pipetting with fresh medium
Freezed Medium: 93% culture medium + 7% DMSO
Medium Renewal: every 2 to 3 days

Description: Isolated from a needle aspiration biopsy of the left supraclavicular lymph node of a 50-year-old Caucasian male (blood type B+) with confirmed diagnosis of metastatic prostate carcinoma; these cells are responsive to 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone (growth modulation and acid phosphatase production)
Others: STR-PCR profile — D7S820:9, 11 CSF1PO:10, 11 TH01:9 D13S317:10, 12 D16S539:11 vWA:16, 18 TPOX:8, 9 Amelogenin:X, Y D5S818:11, 12
Product Character: human prostatic acid phosphatase; prostate specific antigen

Image / Description:   100倍視野下低細胞密度

Biosafety Level: 1
Reference: Murphy, G.P., ed., Models for prostate cancer. 37, New York: Liss; 1980:pp. 115-132; Cancer Genet. Cytogenet. 11: 399-404, 1984; Cancer Res. 43: 1809-1818, 1983
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