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Organism: pSRW25
History: << ATCC<
Description: Plasmid can replicate in most gram-negative bacteria except Bacteroides. Constructed to provide tight but inducible regulation from the trp promoter on a high copy number plasdmid.
Other Collection No.: ATCC37506
Growth Conditions: 37°C 1 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 1
Vector Category: cloning vector expression vectors
Host Range: Broad host range
Vector Type: plasmid
Replication Origin: pMB1 RK2
Select Marker: kan tet
Promoter: trp
Suggested Host: E. coli K-12
Shipped Host: Freeze-dried Escherichia coli K-12
Size(kb): 12.6
Multi Clone Site: Yes
Freeze-Dried for all NTD$ 2500 Order this item


Warne, S. R., C. M. Thomas, M. E. Nugent, and W. C. A. Tacon. 1986. Use of a modified Escherichia coli trpR gene to obtain tight regulation of high-copy-number expression vectors. Gene 46: 103-112.


YEAST-TRYPTONE MEDIUM (LB Medium) with 50μg/mL Kanamycin
Distilled water1.0 L
Kanamycin50.0 mg
NaCl10.0 g
Tryptone10.0 g
Yeast extract5.0 g
Adjust pH to 7.0-7.5.


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