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Organism: pPR111
History: << ATCC<< B. Windle
Description: temperature sensitive plasmidthe LacZ activity is expressed from lamda PR promoter under control of the CI857 repressor and is therefore controlled by temperaturethe plasmid should not be propogate above 32 oC
Growth Conditions: 37°C 1 day(s)
Biosafety Level: 1
Reporter Gene: lacZ'
Vector Category: expression vector
Host Range: Escherichia coli
Vector Type: plasmid
Replication Origin: pMB1
Select Marker: amp
Promoter: lamdaPR
Shipped Host: Freeze-dried Escherichia coli JM101
Size(kb): 3.7
Multi Clone Site: No
Freeze-Dried for all NTD$ 2500 Order this item


Pouwels, P. H., B. E. Enger-Valk, and W. J. Brammar. 1986. In Cloning Vectors. Vectors for E. cloi. Elsevier, New York.


YEAST TRYPTONE MEDIUM (LB Medium) with 100μg/mL Ampicillin
Ampicillin100.0 mg
Distilled water1.0 L
NaCl10.0 g
Tryptone10.0 g
Yeast extract5.0 g
Adjust pH to 7.0-7.5.


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