BCRC Number: 34976
Organism: Carbosphaerella leptosphaerioides
Author: I. Schmidt
History: << K.-L. Pang, NTOU 3770
Source: 漂流木driftwood, trapped wood
Isolated Info:
    Isolated location: Homei, New Taipei City, Taiwan 新北市和美
Local Strain: YES
Others: 子實體構造Ascomata 90-210 m in diameter, globose to subglobose, superficial, sometimes seated with subicula on grains of sand, with or without ostioles, papillate or epapillate, carbonaceous, black, solitary or gregarious. Peridium 5-12 m thick, composed of two to three layers of cells, subglobose at the outside, flattened toward the inside. Papillate, when present, short, conical, near the basal subiculum and pointing downward. Asci 65-90  45-60 m (excluding stipe), stipe 12-17  6.5 m, eight-spored, ovoidal or obpyriform, short stipitate, unitunicate, thin-walled, without apical apparatuses, early deliquescing. Ascospores (25-)27-42 m  (12.5-)16-24 m (excluding sheath), ellipsoidal, triseptate, not or slightly constricted at the septa, central large cells dark brown, apical small cells hyaline or light brown; septa with a central porus, ca. 1 m in diameter; except for the apical cells, surrounded by a gelatinous, persistent, irregular sheath, 4-12.5 m thick, hyaline or faintly brown, appearing striated or dotted with parallel fibers embedded in a matrix; germination from the apical cells only.
Growth Conditions: 25°C
Oxygen Requirement: Aerobic
Biosafety Level: 1
Special Requirement: 限研究試驗用:申請分讓者瞭解並同意本生物物質限試驗或研究用。受分讓者欲對本生物物質、複製物或修飾物進行營利使用時,應與本生物物質提供者另行簽訂契約並協商利益回饋。For experimental or research purposes only: If the recipient wishes to use the biological material, duplicates, or derivatives for commercial purposes, the recipient shall negotiate with the depositor for another agreement.
Type Strain: NO
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Filtered Seawater1L
Corn Meal Agar17g
(or 3.5% artificial Seawater)

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