BCRC Number: 34535
Organism: Cladosporium tenuissimum
Author: Cooke
History: << NCYU, R. S. Chen, Cc9 (Cladosporium cladosporioides)
Source: papaya, Carica papaya
Isolated Info:
    Isolated location: Nantou, Taiwan
Local Strain: YES
    Reference: M2903
Others: disease note--M2903; reidentified as Cladosporium tenuissimum based on DNA sequence analysis
Pathogenic: Plants
Growth Conditions: 25°C 7 day(s)
Oxygen Requirement: Aerobic
Biosafety Level: 1
Special Requirement: 限研究試驗用:申請分讓者瞭解並同意本生物物質限試驗或研究用。受分讓者欲對本生物物質、複製物或修飾物進行營利使用時,應與本生物物質提供者另行簽訂契約並協商利益回饋。For experimental or research purposes only: If the recipient wishes to use the biological material, duplicates, or derivatives for commercial purposes, the recipient shall negotiate with the depositor for another agreement.
Type Strain: NO
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Chen, R.-S., W.-L. Wang, J.-C. Li, Y.-Y. Wang, and J.-G. Tsay. 2009. First Report of Papaya Scab Caused by Cladosporium cladosporioides in Taiwan. Plant Dis. 93: 426.


Diced potatoes200.0 g
Glucose20.0 g
Agar15.0 g
Distilled water1.0 L
Boil finely diced potatoes in 500 ml of water until thoroughly cooked, filter through cheesecloth and add water to filtrate to 1.0 L. The agar is dissolved in the filtrate by heating, and the glucose is added prior to sterilization.

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