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BCRC Number: 17854
Organism: Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila
Author: Brenner et al.
History: << JCM << GIFU 9134 << H. Kobayashi << ATCC 33152 << R. E. Weaver, Philadelphia-1 << J. E. McDade.
Other Collection No.: JCM 7571; ATCC 33152; CCUG 9568; CIP 103854; DSM 7513; NCTC 11192.
Source: human lung tissue
Growth Conditions: 37°C
Biosafety Level: 2
Oxygen Requirement: Microaerophilic
Type Strain: YES
    Reference: B3848
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Brenner, D.J., A. G. Steigerwalt, and J. E. McDade. 1979. Classification of the Legionnaires' disease bacterium: Legionella pneumophila, genus novum, species nova, of the family Legionellaceae, familia nova. Ann. Int. Med. 90: 656-658..
Brenner D.J., A. G. Steigerwalt, P. Epple, W. F. Bibb, R. M. McKinney, R. W. Starnes, J. M. Colville, R. K. Selander, P. H. Edelstein, and C. W. Moss. 2000. Legionella pneumophila serotype Lansing 3 isolated from a patient with fatal pneumonia, and descriptions of L. pneumophila subsp. pneumophila subsp. nov., L. pneumophila subsp. fraseri subsp. nov., and L. pneumophila subsp. pascullei subsp. nov. J. Clin. Microbiol. 26: 1695–1703..


Ferric phrophosphate soluble0.25g
Agar (if needed)17.0g
Distilled water1.0L
Yeast Extract (Difco 0127),10.0g
Charcoal (Sigma C5510)*2.0g
referencing to ATCC medium 1099: ATCC Culture medium 1099 CYE (buffered) (ATCC medium 1088) with THE ADDITION OF 10 GRAMS ACES*(N-2-ACETAMIDO-2-AMINOETHANE SULFONIC ACID) TO THE AUTOCLAVABLE FRACTION referencing to *Calbiochem # 104801 referencing to ATCC Medium 1088: *Activated, acid-washed with phosphoric and sulfuric acids. Adjust final pH to 6.90±0.05. Add all the ingredients of CYE agar except L-cysteine·HCl and soluble ferric pyrophosphate to 980ml distilled water; dissolve by boiling. Autoclave at 121℃ for 15 Prepare fresh solution of L-cysteine·HCl (0.40g in 10 ml distilled water) and soluble ferric pyrophosphate (0.25 g in 10 ml distilled water).Membrane filter-sterilize each solution separately. Add L-cysteine·HCl to basal medium first. Adjust the complet

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